No, Robot is Not The New ‘Mr. steal yo girl’ I Mean… Job

Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine Learning (ML). IoT. Automation. Big Data. Neural Networks. Deep Learning. Oh I almost forgot, the coolest kid on the block; Blockchain. When I graduated in 2015, my dad gave me 100 bucks and said: go learn the basics, set some goals, take risks you can afford, learn patience, choose wisely and [...]


Because “Quit your job, buy a ticket, fall in love with the world” Does Not Sound So Crazy Anymore..

And just like that, I am no longer a stranger in my own heart.. About two years ago, I wrote a blog about the being lost at 23. I just turned 25 and I just don’t feel this lost anymore. Let me clarify. I just got back from Europe, and I have all the symptoms [...]

Love Thyself: The Prerequisite to Valentine

It’s leap year and you know what that means!!! In case you don’t, in Ireland, there is a tradition, which supposedly holds that men cannot refuse a woman's proposal for marriage during leap year. #Getonitladies #onewaytickettoIrelandplease W A I T Ladies and Gentlemen, before you go proposing or accepting proposals, I was wondering, do you [...]